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A radically different approach to living a healthy life.

“Healing begins with a personal connection.”

We built Kaigo to dramatically change the way healthcare is experienced, by fostering personal connections between individuals and their community of doctors and wellness professionals.

What We Do

Kaigo pairs busy individuals (that’s you) with a team of experienced and carefully vetted health and wellness professionals in your local community.

Through collaboration, your team creates a personalized plan and delivers memorable experiences that encourage you to live well, always.

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Let’s kaigo

A dedicated Personal Health Concierge is available to make your experience memorable.

From helping you set SMART goals, to booking your appointment with an important specialist or introducing you to other members of your community, your concierge is located close to you and is trained to be your trusted sidekick.

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How It Works

Sign up for free and tell us your health goals.

We’ll turn your goals into a SMART plan.

Meet your local team of amazing health and wellness pros collaborating to help you attain your goals.

Enjoy wellness experiences curated just for you to help you live healthier and happier.

See what our community is saying
Geremy Williams
Michelle, L Washington D.C

Managing chronic illnesses and taking care of injuries that come up unexpectedly due to my condition is a lot to add to my already full plate.  I’m very busy, and having to go through several avenues in order to take care of myself was simply getting overwhelming! I came close to putting it all on a back burner before I became a Kaigo member. I am grateful to say that I am feeling better and on my way to optimal health. I don’t know what I’d do without my Kaigo Personal Health Concierge!"

Geremy Williams
Jimmy, M San Francisco, CA

"I couldn’t believe it had come to this, pleading with an insurance agent to let me go to therapy. I couldn’t bear the thought of having a stranger tell me that my condition was not legitimate. My Kaigo team was instrumental in dealing with our insurance company and helping me get through a very tough period in my life - true advocates!"

Geremy Williams
Dr. Garfield Clunie New York, N.Y

Kaigo is filling a much needed void in the healthcare system – personal interaction and collaboration. Kaigo makes this process possible and fun.


Kaigo helps me stay focused on what matters the most, getting patients more engaged and back to their optimal health. It’s a great partnership!

Ready to meet your community? Set up a free account.

Once we get to know you and your health goals, we’ll match you with a personalized team in your community that will help you attain your healthiest and happiest life through amazing wellness experiences.

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